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Tarvyn Hlaalu is a character in the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game . He is played by jedimattk.

Tarvyn Hlaalu






Marksmanship, close combat and daggers, destruction and illusion magic, persuasion, mingling in high society


Loose black clothing, ebony dagger (see history), assorted scrolls


There was never much room in House Hlaalu for the honest and fair-minded. Ethical sorts are bad for business, even when they're the grandson of a Councilman. Nobody could say that Tarvyn was treated badly, but he was always edged away from House business, from House life, and eventually from the House itself. He fled to Cyrodiil on a traders' boat at nineteen years old, using his impeccable credentials and charming manner to take any job he could find. He dreams of getting enough money to buy a house in the overcrowded Imperial City, his favourite city in the world, a shining beacon of civilisation. Until then, his is the life of a freelancer and a treasure-hunter, making ends meet.


Tarvyn's ebony dagger is his pride and joy, enchanted by a master Telvanni wizard and passed down through eight generations of Hlaalu agents. It gives off a faint red glow and explodes when thrown; the enchanted fire never harms the blade, but its magic does tend to deplete after one or two uses. He prefers to fight in his normal loose black clothing, eschewing armour in favour of flexibility.

In the Game[]

Tarvyn recruited the other five members of the original adventuring party, on equal commission as Ayleid treasure hunters. Though he initially intended to play an agent-like role, he quickly found that others in the party fulfiled that need and switched to his secondary skillset: spellcasting. In Fanacasecul , he killed three skeletons and a necromancer; he also helped put down an irritatingly resilient wraith.