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Sevellus Adame is a character in the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game . He is played by ZanarManaka.

Sevellus Adame






Fighting with blades, blocking with shields, wearing heavy armour, complaining when things get out of hand


Full set of Imperial Legion armour, daedric claymore


Sevellus was always more of the adventurous type. He preferred to hack his way through dungeon critters and find treasure rather than get tangled up in the swirling typhoon of Imperial politics. However, whenever he sees someone in need, or a plot that requires his aid, Sevellus will stop and give a hand.


Sevellus is fully clad in well-polished Legion armour, and has a giant daedric claymore strapped to his side. He received the armour years ago when he helped some Palace guard solve some thefts at the Palace, and the claymore from a daedric shrine in Morrowind.

In the Game[]

Sevellus was the final member recruited to the original adventuring party. Tarvyn Hlaalu noticed that he wore the symbol of the Tribunal Temple on his shoulder, and felt an immediate kinship to him. Though he was commissioned as Tarvyn's vassal, to watch his back and assist if things turned awry, Sevellus suffered from a momentary bout of insanity outside Fanacasecul and did not venture inside with the rest of the party.

Without explanation, Sevellus began to sing. Placing his gauntleted hand on his sword's hilt, he began to spin around the grassy clearing. "Dance, dance, dance!" he shouted, ignoring the concerned look that he felt from his allies.

–ZanarManaka, outside Fanacasecul