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S'Ilkara is a character in the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game . She is played by Sidiecs.







Sneaking, alchemy, illusion magick, commanding creatures, marksmanship


Custom leather armour, elven boots and gauntlets, alchemy set, hunting knife, bone bow, assorted arrows


She was born in Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiit. Her mother was a member of the Mages Guild and taught her many secrets in alchemy and illusion. The thing she fears most is zombies. Amassing a great fortune was never her goal in life; she will often accept contracts or go adventuring unpaid just to satisfy her curiosity.


S'Ilkara wears a special leather armour, a hood, and always her elven boots and gauntlets. She always carries her alchemy set, her bone bow and keeps a hunting knife for emergencies.

In the Game[]

S'Ilkara was the second member recruited to the original adventuring party. Tarvyn Hlaalu noticed that she had been watching him all night, but had not made a move to come speak to him; he determined she was just the cautious sort of person he needed. S'Ilkara was commissioned to check for and disable traps in Ayleid ruins, but fell into a more general combat-support role. In Fanacasecul, she killed two skeletons and shot a necromancer with an arrow coated in silencing poison; she was also instrumental in bringing down a wraith with silver arrows.