Kinash Lesic is a character in the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game . He is played by Eladon.

Kinash Lesic






Armoursmithing, athletics, combat with blades and blunt weapons, blocking, wearing light armour


Old silver axe, set of steel armour


Kinash was born and raised in Dawnstar, a northern county of Skyrim, land of the Nords. Caught between the counties of Solitude and Winterhold, both of which have recently prospered and which have an ancient animosity for one another, Kinash chose to move south to Cyrodiil in hopes of avoiding politics. Of course, why he thought Cyrodiil would be a safer refuge for them, well...

At any rate, Kinash made his way south, hunting for food and working where that failed, and eventually arrived in Bruma. There, he spent some time plying his trade as an armoursmith more than anything else, and clearing out small infestations of various creatures. Eventually, he began making his way further south into warmer lands, now backing up his old silver axe with a set of steel armour, excluding shield and helmet for now.


He wields an old silver axe and wears a full set of steel armour, albeit without the shield and helmet.

In the GameEdit

Kinash was the first member recruited to the original adventuring party. Tarvyn Hlaalu saw him drinking ale with easy confidence and observed that "he didn't look like the kind of person who would take any nonsense from anybody." He was commissioned to fulfil the 'dumb muscle' role and, while he proved not at all dumb, his muscle became instrumental to the party's success. In Fanacasecul , he killed two skeletons and was helped bring down a wraith (which knocked him out just before its demise).