Heedur is a character in the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game . He is played by The Angry Melon.







Picking locks, sneaking, close combat with blades, poisoning


Hooded black robes, silver dagger, throwing knives, poisoning kit, lockpicks


Heedur grew up in the Dark Brotherhood until the sanctuary was demolished while he was on a contract. He now spends his days as a freelance assassin. Caves creep him out, along with trolls. He is sarcastic, quiet and has a short temper.


He wears hooded black robes similar to what the Black Hand wears, and uses a finely carved silver dagger. Along with that, he has throwing knives, a poisoning kit and a whole lot of lockpicks.

In the GameEdit

Heedur was the fourth member recruited to the original adventuring party. Tarvyn Hlaalu noticed him much earlier, as the Argonian was studiously avoiding looking at Tarvyn, but he fell asleep and did not wake until late in the night. He was not commissioned to fulfil a specific role, though presumably he was to provide support from the shadows and quietly take care of tougher enemies, which is precisely what he did. In Fanacasecul , he killed two skeletons at close range and helped take down a wraith.

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