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Welcome to Casual Scrolls, a Wikia wiki[]

This site serves as a companion to the Casual Elder Scrolls PbP roleplaying game, and as an expansion to the existing Elder Scrolls lore. The articles here are strictly fanon, based on our own ideas and theories. Whether you're a player or just a fan with cool ideas, you're welcome to edit and add pages and help Casual Scrolls grow.


It is 4E 1, the first year of the Fourth Era. The Oblivion Crisis has ended with Martin Septim's heroic sacrifice at the Temple of the One, and the final banishment of Mehrunes Dagon from Tamriel. The Septim bloodline is dead, the Amulet of Kings destroyed, and the throne of Tamriel sits empty.


The original adventuring party consists of Tarvyn Hlaalu, Kinash Lesic, S'Ilkara, Dremoran Gres, Heedur, and Sevellus Adame. Please feel free to edit your character sheets, particularly the pictures.


We valiant treasure hunters have conquered 1 ruins thus far. We are currently outside Fanacasecul.

Revised Lore[]

I've summarised our conversation around the wraith into the Ethereal Undead article. You may also be interested in a very brief description of the Archaeology Guild, or a very deep explanation of the Dunmeri language.