• Nakalololo

    In game, one can find an item entitling « Netch, kwama, netch » game. The description of this object suggests that it requires a game board. From this, I created the rules of the game so that it is playable in both RP or on forums or even on vocal. The game board is not necessary since it is enough to remember the number of your square. We can simply imagine that a bord game is present between the players.

    « Netch, kwama, netch » game : A travel-sized version of the Dark Elf drinking game played in corner-clubs throughout Morrowind.

    The bihn’shokil asks a bihn for the others players to guess one creature and one color.

    The first player who guessed one of said two elements says "netch", a second one does the same. At any time, a player can decl…

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